Auditions for the 2015-2016 Season


Written by David Shire & Richard Maltby, Jr.
Directed by John Carmona

Audition Dates: Sunday, Aug. 16 & Monday, Aug.17 at 7 – 9 pm
Location: Lambert Hall, 1703 Heights Blvd.

Production Run: November 6-21


Closer Than Ever is a nonstop exploration of everyday struggles in the “modern world.” Topics ranging from unrequited adoration… to aging… to Muzak are tackled with resounding sincerity and precisely placed hilarity. Each song is a unique story told by a new character taking audiences not only into the songbook of Mr. Maltby and Mr. Shire, but into the minds of the individuals facing these completely relatable challenges.  

 Audition Requirements:

1. Please bring a headshot and resume.
2. Please prepare two contrasting songs (one comic one serious) from any modern musical 16 to 32 measures long each.
3. Be prepared to sing one more song if asked.
An accompanist will be provided if needed.
4. Please have a monologue ready to perform if asked.
5. If you have a recorded accompaniment please bring it. But PLEASE do not bring recorded tracks with voices on them.
6. Bring any conflict you may have during the rehearsal process.

Character Breakdown

Man 1: Youthful and handsome. Laments of a lover who doesn’t love him back, the struggle of getting fit and healthy, the commitment of marriage, living life without a love, the importance of friendship, second chances, and growing up.
Male, 30-40 yrs old
Range: F3 – B5

Man 2: A man approaching middle age and leaving youth behind. Reflects on the dynamic of friends and lovers, the struggle of getting through the day-to-day life of being a family man, becoming fit and healthy, moving forward and not looking back, balancing career and family, and what it means to be a father.
Male, 40-50 yrs old
Range: A3 – G5

Man 3: The pianist and occasional contributor. Discusses a couple that are never on the same page and what it means to be a father.
Male, 35-50 yrs old
Range: A3 – F5

Woman 1: Plain and intelligent, with a modern flair. Expresses views on friendships with ex-boyfriends, the duality of public and private selves, remaining friends forever, balancing career and family, the surprises of middle-aged life, and becoming content with isolation.
Female, 35-45 yrs old
Range: F3 – A5

Woman 2: An energetic firecracker, with comedic ability and touching sincerity. She tells of a lover who doesn’t love her back, her belief on life-long relationships, giving love a second chance, the revitalization given to her by a new lover.
Female, 35-45 yrs old
Range: F3 – A5
(This part is already cast.)

Performances are November 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21 at 8pm with matinees November 8, and 15 at 2pm.

Performances will take place at Obsidian Arts Space in the Heights

All roles require good singing voices


Contact: 713-838-7191 for directions to the theatre or more information.

All of UpStage Theatre’s auditions are open to the public and you need not have any prior stage experience. Auditions are typically cold readings from the scripts. Musicals typically require a song to be performed. Please bring with you a resume with a headshot if you have them.